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Latest Happy Friendship _Day Messages  Quotes _Wishes:- Here we are _going to provide you _all the details regarding _the amazing and one of the most_ important an_d prestigious day for  all the friends over the globe, yeah, you got me my friend, we are talking about none other than Friendship Day. It comes every year and brings lots of joys with it. 

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This day  is celebrated all over the world and people normally tie friendship bands on their besties hands and share gifts and obviously enjoy the whole day with lots of love and do remember their friendship’s beautiful moments they spend with each other and take oaths in favor their friendship and to continue it forever and never leave each other’s side and never ever think of betraying each other. 

Happy friendship day whatsapp status _ wishes quotes greeting cards sayings sms messages friendship facebook photos DP hd wallpapers  GIF IMAGES

Friendship is like a different bond which builds up of its selves and we just be good and friendly, we don’t need to search for a good friend like a soulmate, fate brings your friend towards you without any efforts but you do  have to do efforts to be a good friend and keep that friendship forever. 

You just need to be true and supportive and use your judgement when to take which decision which is good for your friend as well as your friendship too. 

To celebrate this amazing day with your near dears you just need to scroll down and it by sharing amazing Friendship Day messages which are gonna make your day and your gonna feel amazing about that on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, linkedin, stumbleupon, pinterest, etc etc and  wish everyone a very very Happy Friendship Day and celebrate this day with lots of love and joy…


Here we are going to provide you some of the cool and nice Friendship Day Messages which your may share this time given below :-

💚FRIENDSHIP is _like a tree. It is not _MEASURED💕 on how TALL _it could be_but is💓 on how_ DEEP the_ROOTS 💗HAVE_GROWN..HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY._💔

A true _friend💑 is someone who_reaches for💕 your hand_ and touches 😍your heart._Happy Friendship Day 👯

💋A little_ clown is living in m# heart. Small💜 and _very special._It can dance and 💕jump_laugh and sing. Are you in_ pain 🌹and you need to _cry, come  and _borrow ❤it!

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If U_ need a friend 💑and there are a_ hundred steps between💔 us_you can  take the 1st step_to😎 get near me and i will take all 99 step to_be there 💁for you_ HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY..

In this__ seems💋 UNCERTAIN, only one thing is_ DEFINITE.👰You’ll always be my #FRIEND, beyond WORDS_ beyond TIME & beyond _DISTANCE HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY💢

A🌹🌹 good _friend is like a😁 good _bra. Hard to find_very comfortable,😆 supportive,_holds you 😎up when_ you _are down & always_ close💋 to the heart._Love 💖you, dear bra..

Can 👌I #stay here in your💖 inbox & wait _till 5th Aug so I will_ be 💙the 1st person to _wish 👅HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY😃

👱Every_ garden must have_ a rose, Every sweet👰 face must _have a smile, Every 😋grass_ must have some dew & Every _person in 💢the world_ must have a friend 😝like “YOU”. Happy Friendship Day!

A best_ friend is like💕 a four leaf _clover, hard to find_ and 💗💋lucky to _have. Happy Friendship Day, BFF🍓

#_Crazy days😎 and screwed +_up nights,Tons of _Crushes💔 and stupid _fights,Secrets😋 we_ will take to the grave,Pictures_ we will 😆forever #save.Through thick_ and😜 thin_Always true.Friends _forever,Me n U_#🍵

In_ A World 😁Full Of_ Anger, Angst_ And Guilt,💑Friends_ Are The Bedrock_ On💗 Which Happiness Is_ Built.💕Friendships Are Life’s❤ Strongest _Foundation🌹🍒

👄Friends _Are Coastguards _That💋 Help You Ride_The Tide😂 Of Life_Without Going Under.Or_They 💙Let You Fall,Laugh_Then Throw 😗You_ A Float.🍉


It Is 👰Easy _To Earn, Friendship#   Is Hard To _Get🍎Wealthy Depreciates Everyday _But😘 Our Friendship 👀Will🍇 Ever _Appreciate 👯And Be_ There Forever.#_

👄👽Friendship Is Like_ Flowing River 👐You_ Block The🌰 River _But Will🐉🍅 Find An_ Alternative Way And 🌸Continue _Flowing. Let A Single Obstacle_ Not 💘Interfere With Our_ Friendship _Has It Is Meant To Forever_ Be Just 😇Like The Flowing_ River That Is💑 Meant To _Flow🍭 Forever.

#_My Riches👰 Lie In_ Friendship And Not💜 In Wealth_Your💑 Friendship _Has Changed 💔The _Meaning Of Life To Me _Your 💖Such A ^Wonderful _Gift That 🌹God Has_ Given🍎 Me.Thank You.🌿🌿

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